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This book should be a 9 required read for every pastor and seminary student. It is as if the author understands the American dream immensely and uses his book to promote its ultimate and final demise among the people of God as they pursue the mandate of God on their lives to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. It is neutral — like many things in life, it depends on what you do with it. This book is an excellent book for those who want their faith challenged to participate with God as He draws the world to Himself. Jesus was very plain about the dangers that the disciples would face; the diseased, the dying, the despised, and the dangerous. It does mean that I think David goes too far in arguing that American Christians have all become lazy and complacent in response to the Great Commission. He says that the perpetuation of the discipleship ministry is how ministry ought to flow, the disciple must become the discipler. First, the American Dream is not about materialism.

There he received the degrees of M. This book is a must read for every theologian and serious believer. After such analysis ask God for the grace to implement them into his life, 4 to locate an unreached and unengaged people group and begin praying for God to give him opportunity to go to that place and develop relationships that will foster a presentation of the gospel, 5 and to consistently teach my family of the need to not pursue the American dream but to pursue the agenda of the kingdom of God.

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He states that Jesus did not invest in the masses but into the lives of a few men. We all have the same calling to share Jesus with the world, but that doesn't look the same in everyone's life.

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The book is fast moving as it gives the reader names of individuals who have struggled with the concept of following Jesus and turning their backs on the American dream. But for others, it may be something else — something just as dangerous to the soul that David does not even address in Radical.

To begin with, as the title illustrates, the underlying premise of Radical is an attack on the American Dream. Pratt tells the story of how members of his church went to minister to those who were HIV infected and two of them ended up being stuck with needles that were used to treat those who were infected.

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Conclusion In this paper this writer has given a summarization of every chapter contained within this book. This is not helpful. Yet David only addresses the story pertaining to money, as if that tells us all we need to know about God, and about ourselves. I believe David takes for granted that his readers already know God, and you can't do that. He states that there are over a billion people who live lives of starvation throughout the world while they are buying french fries. God has already given you everything you need, 2 Pt Scripture indicates Mt. It does mean that I think David goes too far in arguing that American Christians have all become lazy and complacent in response to the Great Commission. See 1 Cor

See 1 Cor "Are all apostles?

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Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt