A personal view of the future coming our way

imagining your future self

It is very difficult for most individuals to work toward solving problems that won't be solved in their own lifetimes, or to care about what will happen to the world in or years when nobody we know will still be alive. Time does not permit me to provide a comprehensive, academic, carefully researched and edited book, so my many assertions are left as an exercise to the reader to consider and prove or disprove.

The shift in this direction is observable nearly everywhere and virtually unstoppable. Most people believe in gods, demons, spirits, the afterlife and supernatural.

Now that the world is filling with devices, and more people own not only one, but several including wearablesthe world is quietly being filled with something else: sensors.

At an intermediate level some luxury cars are starting to have autonomous braking systems to stop a crash if the driver does not heed the warnings. Previous societies have survived by migrating away from environmentally damaged areas, but we probably can't quickly migrate to another planet.

Few people are willing to simplify their lives, live with less, and resist powerful advertisement messages from media and peers. Sometimes we simply slip up and follow that short-term route.

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Advertisement There are a number of strategies that work well for this. If things are just holding steady in those areas, are you happy with steady?

A personal view of the future coming our way

In the Age of Value, beginning in the late s, quantifying the intangible aspects of branding proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that brands had concrete value-and that leading companies needed to take these business assets seriously.

How is your relationship with them? People now had more freedom to choose where they could live, where they could work, who and what they saw-and how often. It was in fact theJitney Bus.

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A Personal View: Expressed by Agustín Guzmán