An analysis of the contributions and impacts on society by louis xiv peter the great and philip ii

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With beautiful architecture and amazing landscape, it is one of the most well- known and beautiful palaces in France. They helped to curb the independent spirit of the nobility, imposing order on them at court and in the army.

During his reign Louis XIV played an important role in art and literature of France, transformed the monarchy and turned France into the dominant powerful European country.

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Colbert's mercantilist administration established new industries and encouraged manufacturers and inventors, such as the Lyon silk manufacturers and the Gobelins manufactorya producer of tapestries. Peter nevertheless acted ruthlessly towards the mutineers. Webster's dictionary defines the term as: 1.

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Pre-revolutionary France was a patchwork of legal systems, with as many legal customs as there were provinces, and two co-existing legal traditions— customary law in the north and Roman civil law in the south. One goal was to seek the aid of European monarchs, but Peter's hopes were dashed. Anne exiled some of her husband's ministers Chavigny, Bouthilier , and she nominated Brienne as her minister of foreign affairs. They showed their absolute power by living lavishly, increased their power by waging wars, and kept their power by ensuring complete loyalty of their subjects Peter, however, mistrusted the boyars; he instead abolished the Duma and created a Senate of ten members. His extreme fear of the loss of power led to poor decision making, which caused the court to be of lower quality The system was outrageously unjust in throwing a heavy tax burden on the poor and helpless. All these events were witnessed by Louis and largely explained his later distrust of Paris and the higher aristocracy. A communist government is where one party runs the whole government with a stern hand, like in present day Russia Melina para 6. By the end of his reign, nearly all of the land he had acquired through warfare had to be returned, thus wasting enormous sums of French money. He engaged in such pastimes as shipbuilding and sailing, as well as mock battles with his toy army. Although Louis XIV failed in his attempt to dominate Europe politically, it was during this time span that Europe was very strongly influenced by French culture and civilization.

In the Russian fleet won the Battle of Gangut. Absolute kings claimed to be ruling directly from God, therefore having divine rule that could not be interfered with. Peter decided that all of the children of the nobility should have some early education, especially in the areas of sciences.

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The Tsar's navy was powerful enough that the Russians could penetrate Sweden. Finance had always been the weak spot in the French monarchy: methods of collecting taxes were costly and inefficient; direct taxes passed through the hands of many intermediate officials; and indirect taxes were collected by private concessionaries, called tax farmers, who made a substantial profit.

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This situation did not last long, and Mazarin's unpopularity led to the creation of a coalition headed mainly by Marie de Rohan and the duchess of Longueville. The Palace of Versailles has served as an imperial royal palace and many other purposes. This aristocratic coalition was strong enough to liberate the princes, exile Mazarin, and impose a condition of virtual house arrest on Queen Anne. France, as well as many other countries throughout the middle ages and early renaissance, had their power balanced between the nobles and the dynastic ruling class, where nobles controlled their individual provinces and the king would have to rely on his nob In more simple terms, it is a ruler who can do just about anything without having to get permission from anyone, or having to worry about the repercussions Both his hands and feet were small, [8] [ citation needed ] and his shoulders were narrow for his height; likewise, his head was small for his tall body. Peter also sought to end arranged marriages, which were the norm among the Russian nobility, because he thought such a practice was barbaric and led to domestic violence, since the partners usually resented each other. In power for such as extended time, Louis generated many friends and many enemies. Still, Charles XII refused to yield, and not until his death in battle in did peace become feasible. All of Louis' tears and his supplications to his mother did not make her change her mind; the Spanish marriage was very important both for its role in ending the war between France and Spain, and because many of the claims and objectives of Louis' foreign policy in the next 50 years would be based on this marriage. In government to be an absolutist the king would have unlimited power in all forms of the government such as the legislative, judicial, executive, and revenues. The Tsardom of Russia, c. In Peter investigated why the formerly Swedish province of Livonia was so orderly. But it went out of control in this very fashion conscious society where they braved discomfort and sometimes pain pursuing absurdly flamboyant fashion
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