An argument against legalization of marijuana in united states

Yet despite these limited indications where marijuana compounds have a proven but modest effect in high-quality clinical trials, medical marijuana is used overwhelmingly for non-specific pain or muscle spasms. Cannabis itself is getting stronger.

Earl Blumenauer D-OR. Clinical data suggests it can help improve patient quality of life Second, it would be difficult to deny that marijuana hasn't demonstrated positive benefits in university-run and Food and Drug Administration-approved clinical studies.

While other studies have suggested that legalizing marijuana can lead to increased use, this could simply be reporting bias. The most in-depth state surveys suggest modest decreases in rates of youth marijuana use in Colorado and Washington.

why marijuanas should not be legal essay

There are also concerns that outdoor marijuana grow farms may adversely affect the local environment, including wildlife. It's unclear if marijuana is a strong enough standalone topic for voters to consider not voting for an incumbent candidate, but as support for pot shifts higher, it becomes an increasingly more likely.

According to Gallup, "the transformation in public attitudes about marijuana over the past half-century has mirrored the liberalization of public attitudes about gay rights and the same-sex-marriage movement.

The English language has more than one thousand slang words for marijuana, including pot, weed, ganja, and Mary Jane.

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Recreational Marijuana