Bioassay of radish seeds

Lettuce seed bioassay lab answers

What is the purpose of the Bags where only distilled water was used? Is this what you expected? How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. Include in your data table. LD and LD are the same thing but in different regions of the graph. Which shows a greater response to the chemical you tested: germination rate or radicle length? Regardless, I think the hypothesis was certainly validated and that the lab was a good way to understand the effects of NaCl on radicle length and germination rate.

Salty groundwater can make for salty drinking wells. Make sure you label each solution. In addition to germination rate, the salinity also seemed to affect the rate at which the roots of the seeds grew.

Discuss three environmental effects of using sodium chloride NaCl on roads and highways during ice and snow storms. Use a pipet to add 2 ml of the appropriate solution to each petri dish. Did your results support your hypothesis?

As stated above, the hypothesis was certainly validated. Use the following formula: Repeat step three to make ml of a. This was exactly what I hypothesized at the start of the lab 6.

seed germination assay protocol

What can you conclude about the toxicity of the substance you tested?

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Bioassay Test for Toxicity Science Project