Co operative incentive scheme business plan

Products and services In simple terms, describe the features of the products and services the co-operative currently provides, and those to be developed in the future.

The Co-operatives Development Act and Strategy are key documents for the success of this scheme.

co-operative business in south africa

Adhere to co-operative principles have at least five members: Be owned by a historically disadvantaged individual HDI. Another way of looking at what the executive summary says is: What is the problem?

What is the solution? To enhance the capacity of grant recipient enterprises to successfully compete for corporate and public sector procurement and outsourcing opportunities. Technological Issues may include efficiencies, obsolescence, NBN, costs, savings, research, innovation and social networks.

Values are statements about why the co-operative is in business, and who it serves. Other services that the business offers are: Leisure boat trips toPrivate chartered tripsSchool boat trips.

If it is written to support an application for finance include the name of the bank or other financier, the amount of funding sought, the term of the loan, the use of the loan, how it will be repaid, and the security the co-operative will provide.

Cooperative incentive scheme business plan template

Plant and equipment Itemise the plant and equipment that the co-operative has and needs. Provide a timetable. They should be measurable, and there should be both short-term and long-term goals. Make it brief; one to two pages should do. Describe any other relevant factors that drive the industry, such as innovation, regulations, seasons, financial and technical issues, distribution and supply and whether the industry is new or mature. Objectives are business, social and financial objectives. Directors and managers should use the operational plan to lead and inspire members and staff. If there are likely to be price fluctuations, you might explain how they will be dealt with.

If the business plan supports an application for funds, explain the importance of acquiring the equipment and provide details of quotes for their supply and installation.

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