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For Terrance, the choice of question 6 makes sense—he fell in love with composing music, and he is entering college knowing what his major will be.

college essay cartoons

We turn the soil in the garden. Ideally, each essay should present a different dimension of your personality, interests, and talents so that the admissions folks get to know you as a three-dimensional individual who has a lot to contribute to the campus community.

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Ultimately, the suction of the vacuum is what sustains my family. Music has been such a large part of my life—from fourth grade and on—and studying music and music composition is a way for me to create something beautiful and share it with others. Tell the reader a terrific story, hopefully one they've never heard before. They're going to college to learn skills, problem-solving skills that are used in the real world. By explaining that she enjoys this hobby because of the happiness it brings other people, Angie comes across as someone who is genuine, considerate, and kind. Guests stained sheets, clogged toilets, locked themselves out of their rooms, and then demanded a discount. The school sensed it too, and all full-financial aid students now receive MacBooks. That said, the childhood information connects to Angie's current interests in clear, relevant ways, so it does not detract too much from the overall essay.

What makes you interesting is a really important aspect of your essay. But don't kill yourself over it. We fear an invasion of the desert that stretches around Phoenix.

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I loved the house. We chase the fox away from the chicken coop. And mine, heavy enough to hurt my back and constantly sighing like a tired dog, was distinctly out of place.

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UC Essay Examples for the Personal Insight questions