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Analyze the inter-relationships among ethics, values and behavior Students grapple with difficult issues of controversial issues,weigh potential unintended consequences that could impact the community, and examine the relationship between their own values and the community Selected competency Selected CD experience I.

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Classroom discussion focuses on community etiquette which includes issues related to appropriate dress, how to address residents, adjustments to working according to a community's schedule and other concerns. Preceptors provide entree into the communities, help identify resources and meet with their field teams regularly. The CD process addresses many of these competencies in a unique and integrated manner, and provides a ready opportunity for experiential learning in the complex environment of local communities see Table I for a selected, not exhaustive list of competencies. Public housing sites can be considered a community and this perspective was illustrated during the teams' interviews when the residents talked as much about what it means to be living in public housing as they did about living in Chapel Hill. Early in the fall semester, one class meeting is extended to 3 h to accommodate exercises in which team members work on communication exercises, discuss effective team functioning and explore personal dynamics that impact team interaction. References 1. Teamwork Throughout the first year, students will have to grapple with work style and personality differences among team members. The newly adopted Graduate Standards address a breadth of competencies, propelling the profession of health education to a new level of professional recognition.

In another community, community members identified two concerns for elderly citizens, lack of affordable medications and lack of nursing care.

Potential explanations for these deficiencies include: need for increased didactic support in the classroom for particular skill areas; need to establish a direct field experience in community diagnosis; inappropriateness of the data base used for evaluation of particular skills; and the probability that quantitative analysis, as used in this evaluation, may not be sufficient in and of itself to measure the outcome of a community diagnosis experience.

Community diagnosis

Download ppt "Community Diagnosis. Community Health Status Report. As a result, they have learned and acquired knowledge and skills from real-life situations, and have had an opportunity to work in problem-solving and decision-making processes. Ongoing student involvement Finally, students may continue to be involved in their communities through a variety of mechanisms. Wilbur DL: An exercise in community medicine. What is their commitment to the process? Admission and discharge rates Hospital stay duration rates 18 Disability Indicators Disability rates No. For the students, CD demands a significant time commitment and work on a student team, and can increase students' general stress level. What does it mean to be working in communities? Over students have learned how to make the community health diagnosis, visiting 3, houses in 33 communities, where they applied a structured questionnaire created specifically for this activity. While teaching CD as a core of a graduate program requires a significant commitment of resources, its value in the preparation of health educators ready to work in complex interactions with communities is worthy of exploration by other professional preparation programs. Donsky J, and Massad R: Community medicine in the training of family physicians.

The preceptors decide, in consultation with their agencies and the field coordinator, where to place field teams. CD documents Throughout both semesters, teams work on the development of a document that incorporates observations of the windshield tour, secondary data and primary data collected through interviews, focus groups, and other strategies.

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New York, McGraw Hill, Action-oriented Community Diagnosis. Within the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education, an ongoing tension has been the enormous amount of student time and energy involved in CD.

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Community diagnosis