Diversity essay law school

I questioned whether my religious beliefs could sustain what I knew to be true about myself. I began to understand that I needed to embrace my diversity rather than suppress it. The most successful diversity statements are those that laser focus on one theme, or story.

Each and every word, sentence and story counts. It means you have to get specific quickly. My background brought a fresh voice to the classroom setting, something that my professors greatly valued.

You need to show how being different in some way made you stronger—and therefore more likely to make a positive contribution to law school. Diversity of thought and perspective are paramount in the study of law, and my unique voice can serve as an asset, allowing me to represent and bring forth the experiences of those who may not have a platform from which to do so.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the path you are pursuing. In the example above, a reader may not have understood what a Korean herbal clinic entails, and providing context may add depth to the essay.

How will it inform your persona and professional goals?

Diversity essay law school

My family fully supported my goals, but their own education levels and unfamiliarity with the college admission process restricted the amount of guidance they were able to provide.

The diversity statement. In my head, I was a martyr, bravely sacrificing for the greater good of my family. Keep it short, sweet, and concise Your personal statement should probably run about 2 pages, double-spaced.

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Law School Personal Statement VERSUS Diversity Statement…Nail Them Both