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Other usage[ edit ] EIPs also refer to industrial parks where a "green" approach has been taken towards the infrastructure and development of the site.

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Examples[ edit ] Example of Industrial Symbiosis. Costs are cut and the utilization of chlorine doubled, yielding both economic and environmental returns Lowe, Suggested usage[ edit ] It is suggested that EIPs be used as a means of growing the renewable energy sector.

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TEDA is a sprawling industrial park comprised of 14, companies 1, industries and 5, foreign businesses employing overpeople. The park stems from an initiative by a group of visionary farmers belonging to a year-old beet sugar cooperative.

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The park's first mission was to open up the local service market to leading corporations in the automobile Toyota , information technology, food and petrochemical industries. The off-site system has eliminated 3, oil-burning residential furnaces. The core park would would be the central hub with processing facilities and other specialized services. Tenants on an agro-eco-industrial estate may include: 1. Water proved to be scarce and the land was highly saline. Waste treatment facilities were set up close to the waste-generating activities, and shared water and energy supply systems were installed. There are currently two types of biofuel However, despite their proliferation, there is no internationally accepted definition of what constitutes an EIP -until now. In Kalundborg, Denmark a symbiosis network links a MW coal-fired power plant with the community and other companies. A wide range of products and waste materials sulfuric acid, mineral and wood waste, etc. An EIP also seeks benefits for neighboring communities to assure that the net impact of its development is positive. IS is also referred to as: by-product exchange, by-product synergy, industrial ecosystem, industrial metabolism, green twinning, and zero emissions network.

Image source: 3r-solucion. An authoritative definition of IS broadens the field to include sharing of utility infrastructure and joint procurement of common services. Industrial symbiosis IS is the most familiar subject of research and application in industrial ecology.

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A large coal-fired powerIn physics, power is the amount of energy supplied by a system per unit time. These arrangements may result in cost savings and waste reduction.

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A large coal-fired powerIn physics, power is the amount of energy supplied by a system per unit time. Design options include site design, park infrastructure, individual facilities and shared support services. Moreover, they foster inclusivity through outward integration to local communities, companies, industrial parks and cities. Benefits of the framework for businesses A consolidated EIP assessment framework can help businesses when deciding whether to operate within an industrial park, as well as providing suggestions on how to invest in clean production technologies and processes. This can include green infrastructure related to Renewable Energy Systems ; stormwater , groundwater and wastewater management; road surfaces; and transportation demand management. Intensive food production located in or near an agro-estate landscaping, greenhouses and aquaculture ponds, integrated brewery, etc. There are currently two types of biofuel System Design There seem to be two different basic approaches to establishing an EIP: the self-organizing and the engineered system. They also reduce costs of disposal, may receive revenues for the by-products, and reduce net greenhouse gas emissions. Image source: 3r-solucion. The design of the industrial infrastructure attempts to maximize economic and environmental efficiencies. These arrangements may result in cost savings and waste reduction. Additionally, a by-product from the power plant's sulfur dioxide scrubber contains gypsum , which is sold to a wallboard manufacturer.

This reuse of heat reduces the amount thermal pollution discharged to a nearby fjord.

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