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Hitler was also culturally influenced by the D. He ordered to have millions of Jews murdered or thrown in prisons. He attended a great deal of operas and loved the musical work by Robert Wagner. At p. Harrington English 2; Per. Over the course of his life, he would go on to become the most infamous dictator of all time and cause the death of over eleven million people. And it was all because of one man, Adolf Hitler, he was one of the most dominant German leaders in history, no doubt about that. When he was 3 years old, his family moved to Linz, Austria.

He had found a book of the Franco-Prussian War and he had become very interested in war-related material. And it was all because of one man, Adolf Hitler, he was one of the most dominant German leaders in history, no doubt about that.

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Adolf leader of the naziparty was responsible of about 11 million to 14 million if not more deaths. It was at this point the world was about to witness one of the most fierce and dangerous men in history come to power in Germany.

He was an adventurer who desired to conquer the German people and dominate the entire world, reshaping it accordingly to his desires and pleasures.

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Hitler never wrote down his thoughts about the Holocaust and how it should be carried out. After WWI, Germany was being blamed for everything that went wrong in the war. Adolf Hitler is known as one of the most evil leaders in world history but was also the most successful leader. He began WWII and as well oversaw fascist policies that resulted in millions of deaths. This deal with Russia was set up so that when Hitler took Poland the land would be divided with Stalin. The evidence of his pestiferous acrimony is all around us, making it quite difficult to believe he did it all on his own. In that marriage he had two children, Alois Jr. This led to a downward spiral that left Hitler removed and grim. German lacked confidence in their weak system, the Weimer Republic. He thought only a man who could attract masses of people by his eloquence could succeed in politics. Alois Hitler wanted Adolf to become a civil servant and had a bad temper. The police arrived and broke it up.

She had swallowed poison. This section contains words approx. However, he indeed was one for better or worse.

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Fourth, he had a life long obsession with danger. During his rise to power, Adolf Hitler employed a number of very deliberate techniques of social influence designed to sway public opinion, beliefs, and behaviors

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