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Medusa Analysis First stanza The poem, which can be read in full hereopens up with one of the aforementioned tricolons. Overview Medusa is told in the first person as a dramatic monologue by a woman who is insecure and worried that her husband is cheating on her.

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The poem on itself is a metaphor, one for aging: the sudden loneliness, and vanishing youth and beauty. Metaphor, symbolism and allegory facilitate the understanding of abstract and complex ideas like the ones of possessiveness, melancholy, madness, isolation and love. His tongue is described as a weapon, which is an antithesis since swords are harmful and tongues are soft. You could sort of imagine a ginger cat being turned into a red brick and a dragon into a volcano. Many different age groups can study her poems as they can be interpreted and understood in different ways. Especially when she reminisces in the final stanza about the time she was young and beautiful, illustrating her complete lack of confidence. This is a terrifying statement. The ending is especially powerful, both structurally and in content. She has studied philosophy at Liverpool University. The whole poem is an extended metaphor for a jealous woman who is grieving for her partner and turns against him. She is ready to accept herself. Her mother was Mary Black, an Irish. Pages: 7 Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Why not have a read of some of the other poems in the collection there are loads and some are great fun and see if you can find any parallels?

It covers various myths in order to give women a voice. Fire spewed from the mouth of a mountain.

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New Criticism also discounts authorial agency and cultural force that informs construction of a text. It contains examples of sibilance a form of alliteration It uses tricolons, which are groups of three to emphasise emotions.

The use of rhetorical questions is very effective in this poem, because it questions the reader and highlights the themes in the poem. It is said that multiple snakes symbolise duality, Emerson, n.

By giving this woman a voice, and letting her tell her story and be powerful instead of being a displaced creature the poet also challenges the historical stereotypes of woman.

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Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy Essay