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And 8b follows suit when it says! Then again, some other portions of this passage were literal. Finally, the closing defines the reality of the metaphoric stanzas.

That 18 they are passive suggests that these as the forsaking and deserting were before actions of YHWH. Merriam-Webster, Inc.

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The four poetic lines that make up v. I did not anticipate the amount of controversy surrounding the grammar and vocabulary of almost each verse. And the intimacy with God, which is pictured like a blessed marriage, is to be had by those who are servants of God. It basically comes down to they were "stuck" in the looks of being so "religious," when loving their neighbor was completely being over-looked. The first two poetic lines of verse 17 clearly belong to strophe before it if desired or could stand as their own strophe if desired. The Book of Isaiah, Chapters 1— But what does it take to be a servant of YHWH? The MT usage suggests a hifil jussive 3mp II. The two endeavored to convince King Ahaz of Judah to join their coalition, but Ahaz refused. Deut is the best example of multiple usage as both word are utilized by the translator. It seems that if the implied verb were future and perfective in aspect it could work simply — will be , but if the verb takes on an imperfective aspect it would function outside of the obvious verbal construction of the introductory lines. Those are all mind- blowing titles of massive significance, and yet he has married himself to the harlot, widow and barren one. The first bible version that I read it in was the King James Version. Mark J.

But what does it take to be a servant of YHWH? That is something that I love about the God that I serve. Whatever is good and honorable will be a blessing in the sight of the Lord.

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Noun — inalienable, hereditary property, possession a. If there were no compassion he would have likely wiped them off the face of the earth- which leads to the final strophe of the stanza.

New York: Doubleday, What is to be done about the sin that got the people into this dilemma in the first place?

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Exegesis Paper on Isaiah