Factors contributing to popularity of lelong in malaysia

From a earlier research of Mukti inthe effect shown security is the most important hurdle to e-commerce. The website should be easy to understand, easy to navigate and time saving in loading the page Hassan and Abdullah, With e-commerce, the website reach is global hence the custom made should consider setting up different languages and various time areas in their website to reach different country of users Documents, On the other hand, worse quality would prevent their online shopping techniques.

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Bhd at With all the growth of technology and growing recognition of e-commerce nowadays, Lelong encounters more competitors than ever before Lelong, One way for companies to differentiate their products from rival companies is faster and more efficient delivery of products to their customers. However, the government, businesses and regional bodies did pay much attention about e-commerce. This kind of barrier arises because much e-commerce is conducted across national boundaries and partly because e-commerce is still new and only a little legal precedence has been establish, especially in Malaysia. Several strategies are used in e-commerce to get competitive benefits Shin, With e-commerce, the website reach is global hence the designer will need to consider installing different languages and different time zones in their website to reach different country of users Files, Out of this research, Lelong are certain to get to know their weaknesses in webpage design and competition with other online auction websites. Besides, some company are lacking of IT skilled workers, which deter them from executing e-commerce. Bhd at This allows them to customize products and tailor promotions to meet customer needs and build customer loyalty. Moreover, Lelong.

The Companies Act uses the term insolvency practitioner to describe a liquidator of a company while there will now be a reference to the Insolvency Act for the bankruptcy of individuals. As Lelong is with a local flavor, members feel a sense of belonging and constantly keep in contact with the Lelong Development Team to provide feedback, either positive or negative.

Most Malaysian customer still have the mentally of fearful doing online shopping or make a transaction online scheduled to security reason. In this research, the factors which donate to the low reputation of Lelong in Malaysia will be analyzed.

Lelong has a growing amount of users, most users sell their used items through Lelong, and there are quite a few store sellers as well. If the approval is obtained, it will then be binding on all the creditors.

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