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Thousands of students graduate from the school every year in programs ranging from nursing and health care to business. Contact Doug Carroll at The summer B term started on July 2 and finished on August 19, and the fall term began on August 27 and ended on December For the school year, Grand Canyon University enrolled more than 90, students, making it the largest Christian college in the U.

For GCU this is the second attempt to shift to a nonprofit institution. Areas of study include business and management, criminal justice, social science, political science, engineering, technology, languages, communications, medicine, hard sciences, health care and nursing, performance, art, creative design, psychology, counseling, teaching, school administration, theology and ministry.

ACC Accounting Practices Total Credits: 4 Course Description This course is designed for individuals who are preparing for more advanced coursework in accounting and for students who have not had accounting in undergraduate work.

BUS Quantitative Methods Total Credits: 4 Course Description This course is a study in the quantitative tools and techniques used to model business functions and applications. Our night classes meet just once per week and offer the interaction and discussion of a typical college classroom.

Not all colleges are accredited, so you have to be careful in choosing where to go to school.

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Teams need not consist entirely of GCU members. Collect, use, and report data ethically.

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GCU Professor, Club Launch Major Business