How to start teaching writing alphabets with dots

Be flexible! I love that the cards tell the child where to start and which direction to go.

how to teach 2 year old alphabet and numbers

Your Time and Attention "Ooooh boy. Children can complete the dot-to-dots over and over again using white board markers. Toddlers can either use their fingers or small sticks to trace in oatmeal, sand, pudding, shaving cream, rice, etc.

I wanted to make the connection obvious to my students how many letters use those strokes. Because that's about how long it will take to do a Letter of the Week study, one letter per week, without breaks.

Then toddler stomps on the card spread out on the floor in a small group. See my disclosure page for more information. Worksheets don't teach — they simply let you know what your child has already learned. It also promotes shoulder strengthening. And if you've got some ink to spare, you might want to print our free letter books.

You can set up stations at the kitchen tablelike we did for the letter K. To make writing on paper interesting, add colors by providing crayons and sketches.

how to teach your child to recognize the letters of the alphabet

Talk about books.

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25 Fun Ways To Teach Your Toddler To Write Better