Im nobody who are you

The Nobody is out of reach of contact with the outside world and the public circle. As the main theme of the poem is self-identity, for her all the members of this Bog lose identity and individuality. Emily Dickinson chose to contrast her Nobody of the first stanza with a Somebody, a frog, in the second, and used the adjective dreary to describe what it is to be a Somebody.

Dickinson pricks this pomposity and, with faux innocence, pretends to identify with another self-confessed Nobody.

Im nobody who are you

The Nobody is a decent thing to be, private and selfless, with no need of recognition from the vulgar mob. Further Analysis of I'm Nobody!

And it must be kept quiet because if they get to know they'll broadcast it to the whole world! She requests the reader not to mention their identity to the outside world because they may be oppressive and would flash all their private life to the public which she never liked.

A sort of secret pact is being made, a pact between nobodies; a them and us mindset being proposed. Rather than buy the other old line — that fame and distinction are unequivocally desirable — Dickinson sees anonymity as an advantage.

im nobody who are you tone
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A Short Analysis of Emily Dickinson’s ‘I’m Nobody! Who are you?’