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The lesson plans involve a lot of drawing and writing activities something that may be a barrier and a challenge at the same time to the physically disabled. Make handouts, overheads, lectures notes, manipulatives, etc.

School psychologists use both psychological and educational assessment, data collection, and technological resources as well Further, if an unexpected assembly is called leaving you with just 15 minutes of instruction, these lessons can be a godsend.

They key phases in the development of competency standards include: Phase 1 Identification of the competencies through development of a curriculum workshop and a series of focus group discussions with the participation.

Even the best teachers are sometimes left with extra time.

importance of planning for instruction in teaching

Therefore, you should create plans that will help you deal with these unexpected events. Data collected is based upon observation of a single literacy lesson.

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Summative assessment can be defined as evaluation of student learning at the end of a unit Formative vs. This is where all the unit plans come together to give you a broader picture of the year. Students need to develop on these skills throughout their life and we need to incorporate it into different aspects of their education to help.

This lesson plan format is a proven effective means for delivering instruction. If you cannot make it to school at the last minute or have to leave to deal with a personal emergency, you need to leave lesson plans to help your substitute.

Among the many instructional models that may be used, the Jerold Kemp design model is more suited for advancing adult learners. It is important to determine the effects that standards based learning will have on teaching and learning.

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Instructional planning Essay Example