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He further said that it was through science that India was transforming its present and working to secure its future. On the other hand, Indian farming has been going through exceptionally tough circumstances.

The mission will cover in a seamless wayRND, technology development, human resource and skills, innovation, Startup Eco System and strong industry and international collaborations.

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We can turn it into the huge opportunity by research, training and skilling in robotics, artificial intelligence, big data analytics. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri's contribution to our public life were unique in that they were made in the closest proximity to the life of the common man in India.

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We are in the process of setting up institutions of eminence that can compete with the best in the world. He will be remembered for all times to come for his large heartedness and public service.

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Jai Vidwan means "hail the learned" to signify knowledge working as the driver of India's current significant economic growth. He also said that the future is about convergence and connected technologies. At the same time there was scarcity of food grains in the country. Bose, C. An India that is fully ready to take the challenges and opportunities of the present and the future. This had the potential to pose an unprecedented challenge to our demographic dividend. Thereafter, farm distress has come to occupy centre stage in electoral politics.

Our achievements this year include production of aviation grade biofuel, Divya Nayan -- a machine for visually impaired, inexpensive devices for diagnosis of cervical cancer, TB, dengue and a real-time landslide warning system," he said. In this context, he mentioned issues such as drought management in low rainfall areas; early disaster warning systems; tackling malnutrition; tackling diseases among children such as encephalitis; clean energy; clean drinking water; and cyber security.

We need strong pathways to commercialization that leverage our research and development achievements to industrial products.

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Jai Jawan Jai Kisan