Juveniles treated like adults essay

Should Juveniles be tried as Adults?

is it ethical to sentence juveniles as adults

Information about this debate can be found in articles, novels, and podcasts. Youths are irrational, immature and continuously require parental figures to guide them and direct them positively towards changing their behavior. This is more relaxed and will not result in a criminal record.

In simple terms, a minor and an adult differ significantly in terms of their mental development and their consciousness about crime.

Juveniles treated like adults essay

The juvenile courts also accord the young wrongdoers with counseling services, which are absent in the case of adult courts. Hence, these factors make minors vulnerable to criminal behavior. An adult would have to go to a public criminal court with a formal environment and be charged with a crime resulting in a criminal record. The trial phase of a juvenile case is an adjudication hearing. In it was ruled for all these juveniles who committed serious crimes could be sentenced to life in prison with parole because of the eighth amendment. When deciding whether or not a child should be tried as an adult one should look at the circumstances, the pros and the cons of convicting a minor as an adult Rehabilitation can be carried out in a much simpler way, by trying juveniles in their own juvenile courts. Moreover, most of them commit criminal acts because of mischievousness as opposed to intent. People should not treat teenagers as kids. Criminologists attribute this to the fact that most juvenile arrestees fit the prison victim profile of rape, as they are young and in most instances helpless. Therefore, juveniles should be tried in their courts, since the court takes into consideration the shifting world in the life of every child.

Or does he maintain some trappings of childhood, despite the gravity of his actions? Each year thousands of juveniles under the age of 18 are arrested.

juveniles should not be tried as adults conclusion

What draws the line between a juvenile and adult crime Juveniles do not have the opportunity to a jury trial like adults do. On the other hand, some argue that juveniles should be charged as adults at a young age no matter what the crime committed, nor the age.

examples of why juveniles should be tried as adults

These arguments range from a crime is a crime to they are not mentally Should Juveniles be tried as Adults? In addition to this, judges in regular criminal courts have all necessary knowledge and skills to try juvenile criminals correctly.

Should juveniles be tried as adults?

Reasons why juveniles should be tried as adults

Juveniles committing high crimes should be judged as an adult and treated rightfully so with longer, more strict sentencings. Nevertheless, people do not evaluate every Related Documents Essay Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults Juveniles should not be tried as adults for it is wrong to hold adolescents, under the legal age, to adult standards. Further, in , the court decided that juvenile offenders should not receive life-without-parole sentences if their crimes were not homicides. Compare to a teenager, adults are expected to depend on themselves while teenagers depend on their parents. Alabama case, the Supreme Court pronounced the sentence of life-without-parole for children aged seventeen and below as unconstitutional Equal Justice Initiative, Kids who show lots of enmity should be tried as adults. David O. Therefore, believing that they are not capable of the above activities and then holding them to the standards of adults is unfair and wrong, as it is clear that minors are not adults McCrea, , pp. In particular, the kind of surroundings a child grows in determines their understanding of right from wrong and guides them in either deviating or engaging in moral or immoral actions. Discipline can also play a major role in molding the child into being a better and more successful person There are truly many hidden reasons behind any crime, but please think about the following: all adult criminals used to be children and juveniles as well; most who became serious criminals probably had certain difficulties in their childhood.
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Juveniles Treated Like Adults Essays