Kill mockingbird statement thesis

And there was one more thought he conveyed already on the last page of the book, near the bed of his daughter: all people are good if they are understood. It turns out that the members of the jury were not unanimous. It involved from 1 to 3 million people.

But aunt claims that the longer the family lives in one place, the nobler it is. The author of the novel is in solidarity with his hero: the world of the child is pure, and should not be spoiled with untruth. On April 24,the famous African American actor Wesley Snipes was sentenced by the federal court in Ocala, Florida, to a three-year prison term due to tax nonpayment.

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But even this was not enough! It's better to answer. Inhe raised the revolution and won not equality but freedom. During the appellate process, which lasted more than six years, most of the charges were dropped and seven prisoners were released.

For 50 years after this event, Lee remained silent. He is one of the main American writers of the 60's, the author of many novels which have been repeatedly filmed.

But they met the resistance.

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Kill A Mockingbird Thesis