Lego resources and capabilities

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Threats The substitute is the threat, which are online games. The main reason for this is that LEGO built plants close to its main markets to save transportation cost.

Lego resources and capabilities

The LEGO even can create new electronic toys which with high-tech content, leading customers, staying ahead of the competition. Howard, One was decided on by the group and then steps were made to create a plan for implementation as well as goals to reach within an evaluation period. Strategy development processes includes deliberate and emergent two different strategy processes. This company Lego brand of toys was formed in when Christiansen, a carpenter from In inbound logistics part, the LEGO accumulated knowledge to improve production technology and create new materials, such as non-poisonous plastics which competitors could not imitate. Since the playthings would be based off popular sketchs and film characters from the partnership. Developers have to follow strict process and use market research insights, which can satisfy the market demand and avoid design mistakes. Lego must identify a clear expansion plan to respond to the external business threats such as intense competition and new product innovations, changes in the toy industry with mergers and acquisitions and legal battles as well as maintain efficient internal operations in terms of supply chain and logistics in order to keep up

The company cooperates with film organizations to making movies as well walwenfanyi, Hence, allowing them to expand to Using the strengths of the company.

The peak of sales in one year is during school holidays, especially Christmas Yi All human resource departments screen job applicants differently; some use traditional methods such as structured interviewing and some use more up-to-date methods such as, situational interviewing and personality testing Saving cost by outsourcing to low-cost countries: Prior to outsourcing, LEGO owned and operated production plants mainly in relatively high labor-cost countries, such as the United States, Switzerland and the South Korea.

He took the first two letters of LEGO design department has more than designers from more than 10 countries, satellite support team scattered all over the continents.

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Natural resources are derived from the environment. Bargaining power of suppliers For toy industry, there is no bargaining power of suppliers because there are many different suppliers in this industry.

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What are Lego's most valuable resources and capabilities at the turn of the century?