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Our commitment deeper. Ambani made millionaires out of many of the initial investors in the Reliance stock. I'm here before you. I think it has become a fashion in the country to attack achievers. What is your own assessment of the Rajiv Government's liberalisation policies so far? Currently, the business tycoon is busy with the pre-wedding celebrations of his son Akash - for which he hosted over guests in St. These skills were critical in knowing how to bend rules or have them bent for him. If he keeps looking at the name tags of his clients, he is bound to fail. Why raise money from the investors when the banking system is more than willing to help you?

Nothing has been heard of the famous case relating to backdating of the letter of credit for imports and alleged smuggling of plants without any valid documents. Photograph: Reuters As the birth and history of Reliance Trading Corporation which imported polyester and exported spices later renamed Reliance Textiles Corporation before finally being named Reliance Industries show, both camps were spot on in their estimation of the man who returned from Aden to begin his tryst with destiny in with just Rs 50, The family moved from Bhuleshwar to Usha Kiran at Altamount Road and then to Sea Wind they currently reside at the extravagant storey Antiliaand Ambani went on to finish his chemical engineering from the University of Bombay, before heading to Stanford University for his MBA — which he left mid-way to join the family business in I think the changes have done industry good.

Like his manner, his dress is informal - a plain white bush shirt and trouser. Investors are dispersing their investments more widely, in different companies, even within our own group. Your connections in the bureaucracy are legendary.

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As for the Reliance stock price, you must relate it to the vast changes which have come about in our capital market over the last few years. There is no controversy.

My favourite personality dhirubhai ambani

There is only a campaign; a one-sided campaign of corporate character assassination in one chain of newspapers, Indian Express, a campaign being conducted at the behest of some business adversaries. Is it true that important appointments are made at your behest? Image: Dhirubhai Ambani; Photograph: Rediff Archives For, he had to consistently offer them something beyond what they were already used to receiving and that became some kind of a treadmill from which he could never get off -- the reason for many of the allegations, including share price manipulation, that he and his group faced constantly. If you work with determination and with perfection, success will follow. I welcome these changes. Like his manner, his dress is informal - a plain white bush shirt and trouser. I believe my best defence is my deeds, my projects. You must realise that such money which you have in mind may enable a man to make a fast buck or become rich.

But you have been able to prevent action against your company. Do you think we would have received such huge over-subscriptions to our public issues had our investors' confidence in the company been shaken?

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The sole motivating factor behind Ramnathji's campaign of character assassination is: envy. I welcome these changes.

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In , Mukesh Ambani wed Nayantara Dalal — a school teacher — who, known as Nita Ambani after wedlock, would go on to play an important role both personally and professionally. Who would have known of some so-called journalists had they not attacked me and Reliance? As for the ranking, the year-old dropped just one place to fifth on the list, yet remaining the youngest of the Top Let us look at it this way. I feel the Indian Express has been put up front as our rival by others. Singh and his officials because they refused to be bulldozed by you? BoB Fiscal and other financial institutions had already made up their mind to hand over the company to you through the backdoor. There is no controversy. I'm here at the office as I always used to be, doing my hard day's labour. The social media network, that celebrated its 15th anniversary in January, was embroiled in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and has been facing allegations of data breach and privacy violation. In a few years from now, what will stand tall above all these so-called controversies is the work I'll have done and left behind me to make Indian industry great and big and competitive at home and in the world market. You can't build an industry by fraud as some of my adversaries want all of you to believe. And there's certainly a lot of that old Ambani magic around. But it cannot enable you to raise a Reliance from scratch. My success is my worst enemy.

Challenge negative forces with hope, self-confidence and conviction. This is not your first interview with me.

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Dhirubhai Ambani used to start the day only after looking at Isha’s picture