Review of related literature about factors affecting the performance of the students in wrting

The study was, restricted itself to selected public secondary schools in Shinyanga Municipality hence information which was gathered from secondary schools teachers and students exclude other respondents from other levels of education institutions like primary schools, college, and universities which may also experience the same problem.

Factors affecting academic performance of college students pdf

Finally, it is recommended that students be tracked for several years to evaluate the chronic effects of a 12 classroom-based physical activity program on physical activity levels, body composition, and academic performance. Individuals conceive a particular fashion in which the world operates. Emotional states from the mildest effective states of pleasantness and unpleasantness to the more intense states. Pianta et al. Nowadays, multimedia expanded to become a field on its own. The five major categories are listed from the simplest behavior to the most complex. They will be confused on things regarding on how and why the teacher has their favorite students Gaudencio V. The involvement of parents as teachers to their children play an important role to contribute to a good performance like in reading development and formation of reading habits of the children utilizing various stimulating techniques. As a result, the way students study has changed significantly. Educational Psychology Review, 13, Additional research is also needed to evaluate the effectiveness of classroom-based physical activity programs on on-task behavior and academic performance. Krashen concluded that students whose parents are educated score higher on standardized tests than those whose parents were not educated. What do we do, then, with the child who is clinging, morose, acting out? Constructivist theory argues that belief and understanding are separate but interrelated aspects in the learning process.

Children bring their outside experiences with them 24 to school each day. According to Thorndike, pupils learn more effectively and easily, and retain that learning longer, if it has pleasant consequences.

Likewise, few studies have been conducted to evaluate the effects of physical activity on the classroom behavior of elementary school children. Because on-task behavior can be directly linked to physical activity that is performed immediately preceding the observation period, it may be the most appropriate variable to evaluate relative to academic performance.

It is not widely recognized and appreciated just how pervasive and critical quality sleep is for brain development and how it directly influences daytime functioning, performance, mood and behavior.

In the affective domain of the learners Krathwohl, Bloom, Masia, includes the manner in which we deal with things emotionally, such as feelings, values, appreciation, enthusiasms, motivations, and attitudes.

To the school owners, managers, administrators and teachers the research findings are useful to them since they provide highlight on what are the factors influencing poor performance in science subjects in secondary schools.

Factors affecting students performance in secondary schools pdf

The theory has relevance to this study because the theory is particularly applicable to the teaching and learning of various things including science subjects. Of course there is the usual cellphone, iPod and iPad which can really distract the students. In order for students to learn there are several factors that must be considered. The Academy of Adolescent Psychiatry lists some symptoms of childhood depression: persistent depression; inability to enjoy previously favorite activities; frequent absences from school or poor performance; continuing low energy or motivation; poor concentration; a major change in sleeping or eating patterns and difficulty dealing with everyday activities and responsibilities. Language and learning are different sides of the same coin. Third, let the children know that we understand and that we are there to help. Finally, studies reviewed by the author indicate that schools can encourage parent involvement, both at home and at school, with outreach efforts. In many cases, people are the active creators of their own knowledge Rovai, Janssen elaborates about nine principles that guiding constructivism learning theory such principles are; Learning is an active process whereby learner uses sensory input and constructs meaning out of it, The crucial action of constructing meaning is mental cognitive hence it happens in the mind, and People learn to learn as they learn.

Ozay, et. The involvement of parents as teachers to their children play an important role to contribute to a good performance like in reading development and formation of reading habits of the children utilizing various stimulating techniques.

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Parental engagement that makes a difference. These studies, and others like them, indicate that a socially adjusted child is more likely to be the academically successful child. Ozay, et. He or She must also foster the development of social skills and create a learning environment that will encourage young people to learn to live together and to become responsible citizens. It says that people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. You seem to get opposite results. Therefore any effort to teach must be connected to the state of the learner and must provide a path into the subject for the learner based on that learner's previous knowledge. This declaration in the policy document underscores the need for teacher effectiveness in our schools. Also warmly thanks to Mr Cosmas Nyalusanda for his support, assistance and instructions. The MKO is normally thought of as being a teacher, and could also be peers. Thus, there is no reason to think that the flow of disingenuous texts will become less rabid now in the most volatile of seasons.

Therefore, these experiences are valid subjects of study. Much thanks to my Supervisor Dr. As a result, the way students study has changed significantly. US US Juneteacher also affects the student performance.

factors affecting academic performance of secondary school students pdf
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