Rotator images thesis theme

If you are a web designer or web developer needing help, or a 'do-it-yourselfer' looking for a professional Internet presence I can help.

This is a large welcome headline. Wrap Up This has been one looonnnnggg tutorial and if you have read to this point, you are both patient and persistent. If you were implementing this on your own site, you would enter the names of your own real pages there.

You need to click on Choose File and proceed to navigate to all your images and upload each one.

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Do you need help with your website? And, fortunately, the code for adding it to the Feature Box is as simple as could possibly be.

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Click on the title to proceed to edit the gallery content. If you power your website with Thesisthere is a powerful, but often under-used, feature called the Thesis Feature Box. But that is a tutorial for another time. You need to look at the first option under this tab: Path to the Imagerotator.

If you chose to have it appear site-wide, this message will appear throughout your site.

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Rotator Images Thesis Theme