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When Sheppard awoke, he checked the pulse of his blood-covered wife and determined she was dead.

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O'Donnell knew the Sheppard family. Some[ who? The prosecution argued that the affair was Sheppard's motive for killing his wife. On April 6, , Sam Sheppard died of liver failure as a result of heavy drinking. He ran upstairs where he saw a form in the bedroom and then he was knocked unconscious. The bedroom was covered with blood spatter and drops of blood were found on floors throughout the house. When Sheppard awoke, he checked the pulse of his blood-covered wife and determined she was dead. They claimed the evidence showed that Marilyn Sheppard may have hit Sam Sheppard sparking an angry rage that resulted in her bludgeoning. Fray was killed after being "savagely" beaten about the head and face and then strangled; Farrow died following a fall down the basement steps in the home she shared with Durkin in , a fall in which she broke both legs and both arms.

Sheppard resigned from the hospital staff a few months later after wrongful death suits had been filed by the patients' families.

The Sheppards had a picnic the day that Marilyn was murdered. Throughout, the media continued its tactics, fanning the flames of Sheppard's presumed guilt. Prosecutors learned during their investigation and revealed at trial that Sheppard had carried on a three-year-long extramarital affair with Susan Hayes, a nurse at the hospital where Sheppard was employed.

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On June 6, , it struck down the murder conviction by an 8-to-1 vote. He confronted the intruder who was tall, about six feet, and with bushy hair. Sheppard seemed disoriented and in shock. He told the jury that Sheppard had no open wounds. Media[ edit ] The murder investigation and the trial were notable for the extensive publicity. Sam Sheppard Prev. The trial lasted eight weeks, with the most damning testimony coming from Sheppard and his utterly implausible version of what happened that night, including the two encounters with the bushy-haired man he invented as Marilyn's killer. On June 6, , the Supreme Court, by an 8-to-1 vote, struck down the murder conviction. The defense further argued the crime scene was extremely bloody, yet the only blood evidence appearing on Sheppard was a bloodstain on his trousers. On the night in question, the Sheppards had hosted neighbors for a movie and the neurosurgeon shortly afterward fell asleep on a daybed downstairs. O degree. Time has relaxed its grip on the most riveting murder mystery in the region's history.

Samuel Gerber, the coroner investigating the murder, announced that he would hold an inquest the next day. The trial was very important to Bailey's rise to prominence among American criminal defense lawyers.

Later Years Upon his release, Sheppard soon turned to alcohol to ease his suffering, and his life quickly headed downhill.

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After his acquittal, Sheppard helped write the book Endure and Conquer, which presented his side of the case and gave insight into his years in prison.

Photo by: The Cleveland Memory Project Television reporters report a news segment outside the courthouse during the Sam Sheppard murder trial. On June 6,the Supreme Court, by an 8-to-1 vote, struck down the murder conviction.

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PHOTOS: The infamous Bay Village murder case and trial of Dr. Sam Sheppard