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Positivity, effective skills and effort from each group member. You are one of those who look at the bright side even in problematic situations.

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Leaders must be determined to achieve their goals every step of the way, and they always need to be strong minded. This essay in leadership is composed by taking in mind different examination criteria. We need to look at ourselves, put ego aside, and take the time to actively work on improving weaknesses. The core characteristics Paternalistic leadership is among the leadership styles that require plenty from the leader These team leaders have special qualities that are important for every leader, and can decide if the team has a good or bad season. Leaders head groups, and they are politicians speaking and making decisions on behalf of the public, the people, their constituents. I have learned there are many important qualities in being a good leader.

So, we have gone through different Leadership Styles and qualities. This type of Leadership style can be treated as one of the best Leadership Style as strategic thinking plays an important role in making a Business successful.

Qualities of a Good Leader Here are the five main qualities of a good leader: Honesty Honesty is one of the main qualities of a leader.

General Mattis quickly rose to popularity with the Marines he served with and become known as one of the most esteemed Marine Corps officers of his generation.

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Leadership is the ability to motivate people and mobilize resources to accomplish a common goal. Some fail at achieving it others are successful in attaining it through continual efforts. Patience A person who is impatient loses temper frequently and can never qualify to be a good leader.

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