The facts about dolphins a sleek and powerful swimmers

The very large Orca dolphin may also eat marine mammals such as seals or marine birds such as penguins. From listening with their mouths to remembering names for decades, these 20 jaw-dropping facts prove dolphins are the coolest creatures in the ocean—and maybe even on the entire planet!

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Dolphins are "equipped" with highly effective healing processes, which means that they don't hemorrhage to death easily; Because their skin regenerates so often, it stays smooth and, as most scientists believe, reduces drag as they swim. The average lifespan for a dolphin in the wild is 17 years.

Dolphins are not the exception, as many other animals, the future of various species of dolphins is at risk due to habitat degradation, problems finding food, pollutants in the water, injuries or death due to getting entangled in fishing nets and even fatal wounds made by boat propels.

Bottlenose dolphin appearance

In addition, researchers have located gangly neurons in dolphin minds, which are the neurons that are responsible for emotions social cognition, and the ability to know what someone else is thinking. Dolphin Intelligence They are also threatened by water vessel traffic and pollution. But they also come in shades of grey. Their color comes from their diet and environment. They even mourn their dead. Shutterstock Ancient thinkers such as Pliny, Herodotus, Aelian, and Aristotle commented on the moral nature of dolphins and their human-like traits. Scientists have not yet understood why dolphins jump out of the water - some of them leap over 20 feet in the air; Today, thanks to their intelligence, speed, and echolocation skills, dolphins are trained to find enemy swimmers, locate underwater mines, and guard nuclear arsenals. Things like their diet, lack of a strong social structure, and a closed environment contribute to this shorter lifespan.

Dolphins for Kids In other words, the new mom does not get a lot of time to rest after giving birth. But just like humans, they love to goof off with their friends.

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20 Facts About Dolphins That Will Make You Love Them Even More