The history of the biblical kings of israel

Chart of kings of israel and judah with prophets

In B. Saul's reign was characterized by constant conflict with Philistines, and then by civil war against forces loyal to David. David, who had become king of the tribe of Judah only, was appointed King of Israel in Ishbaal's place after his death reigning from c. A number of rulers were allowed to control the territories as client kings of Rome. They were still there. These scholarly disagreements are reflected in the table above, which contains scholarly attempts to date the reigns of Judahite monarchs in terms of the Gregorian calendar. The Roman general Pompey took advantage of a Hasmonean civil war to launch a military expedition into lands controlled by the Hasmoneans. And this time it will last forever. Some scholars have devoted entire careers to untangling the mess. Thiele calculated the date as BC.

Saul's heir, Ishbaal a. Herod the Great While the Romans held sway over the former Hasmonean-controlled territories, they preferred not to impose their rule directly. A rebellion started and culminated in A. The Bible often refers to it as Ephraim, after one of its tribes.

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Footnotes 1. Iron Age II. After King David's death, his son Solomon took over the kingdom and constructed what is now called the First Temple, a place where god was worshipped. In the eleventh year of Zedekiah's reign, the king of Babylon took the Israelites from the Southern Kingdom captive and deported them to Babylon - End of the Kingdom of Judah. He claimed that Roman forces killed about , Jewish men. So it was that in BCE Solomon died and his son Rehoboam ruled in Jerusalem over the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, while Jeroboam of the tribe of Ephraim ruled the other 10 tribes. Unfortunately, that information is riddled with inconsistencies. His rule was a bitter one, marked by murder of anyone whom Herod suspected of disloyalty - including a great many Torah sages. Whether there is any truth to this biblical account is a point of contention among modern-day scholars.

Biblical literature often vilifies Herod, claiming that he tried to seek out and kill baby Jesus, perceiving the infant as a threat to his rule. Synchronism to Gregorian dating[ edit ] Further potential confusion arises from the convention of dating reigns of the Israelite kings in reference to the Gregorian calendar.

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Podcast Episodes: 1. Whether there is any truth to this biblical account is a point of contention among modern-day scholars. Of special note is the Hasmonean family, who defeated the Greeks in what became known as the miracle of Chanukah in BCE.

The history of the biblical kings of israel
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List of the Kings of Israel