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The various value-added courses being imparted at the Institute have given adequate exposure to our students. The cell is sensitized to function all through the year towards generating placement and training opportunities for the students.

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Arranging of Industry institution interaction programs Conducting sessions from the placed students Nomination of faculty and student coordinators to work in TPC with coordination. The default is public, if only var is used; var is a synonym for public. Conduct Occupational Health and Safety OHS assessment reviews and site inspections for new host employers that are not subject to regular independent accreditation reviews. PHP treats newlines as whitespace in the manner of a free-form language except when inside string quotes , and statements are terminated by a semicolon. The system is not an online application that cannot be accessed throughout the organization and outside as no login provided. Palanichamy, S. Items declared public can be accessed everywhere. Option One is a concise three page document which is a training agreement and training plan that meets all the State's current requirements. The present batch of our young budding engineers is working hard to be a part of the large dynamic industry. Arranging field trips and industrial visits to the students. It is available free of charge, and the PHP Group provides the complete source code for users to build, customize and extend for their own use.

Students logging are not able to upload their information in the form of a CV. Our aim is to actively assist you in attracting and identifying the individuals best suited to your needs and in developing a successful recruitment relationship. With great pleasure and honor, we invite industries and corporate houses on our campus and our students to take advantage of all TPO activities.

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Veeramani The study was made to understand the present working status and functioning of the Training and Placement Cells. The null data type represents a variable that has no value.

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Training And Placement