Undergrad computer science thesis

Independent Research Topics: Design and implement computer visualizations of algorithms or data structures. It is documentation of an attempt to contribute to the general understanding of some problem of computer science, together with exposition that sets the work in the context of what has come before and what might follow.

To write a thesis, students may enroll in Computer Science 91r one or both terms during their senior year, under the supervision of their research advisor.

Best result and output Our result is supported with graphs, charts and comparison result.

computer science dissertation project ideas

Wireless Communication. The terms in which some published research was undertaken might be generalized, relaxed, restricted, or applied in a different domain to see if changed assumptions result in a changed solution.

list of research topics in computer science 2017

Each month, we update our self with all the latest issues and novel ideas registered in top journals. Analysis and prediction of biological networks. Investigate algorithms for computing and visualizing differences between ancient coins struck from similar, but slightly different, dies.

For example, a path in the graph represents a chain of feasibility results.

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Senior Fall or earlier Find a thesis supervisor, and start research. Other projects in computer graphics and vision, or technologies for documenting and studying cultural heritage objects. We teach our students that how to work on each parameter and how to get appropriate output.

Latest research topics in computer science 2018

Possible areas include graphics, compression, biology, among many others. Rising seniors may wish to begin thinking about theses over the previous summer, and therefore may want to begin their conversations with faculty during their junior spring—or even try to stay in Cambridge to do summer research. Fall IW Seminar - Computational Genomics Research projects: Implementation and application of algorithms to infer evolutionary processes in cancer Identifying correlations between combinations of genomic mutations in human and cancer genomes Design and implementation of algorithms for genome sequencing from new DNA sequencing technologies Graph clustering and network anomaly detection, particularly using diffusion processes and methods from spectral graph theory Research areas: networking, software-defined networks, network management Independent Research Topics: Enterprise and data-center networking solutions built on Software Defined Networking SDN. Research Areas: computational neuroscience, connectomics, "deep learning" neural networks, social computing, crowdsourcing, citizen science Independent Research Topics: Gamification of neuroscience, e. Design and implement a parallel application. We teach our students everything about implementation. We support the following domains with plenty topics inside each topic. In more detail, the various concepts in cryptography encryption, signatures, hash functions, etc are nodes in a directed graph.
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